Kyra Kalweit and Dayán Mantecón Roldán, authors of the Feeling Good Books series, children_s books

Kyra Kalweit and Dayán Mantecón Roldán

Having decided to change careers as professional dance instructors and competitors, Kyra and Dayán completed a yoga teacher training and strategic intervention life-coaching certification and together embarked on the journey of self-discovery by following a calling from deep inside their hearts.

Inspired by the messages from numerous teachers of spirituality and personal growth, plus their love for children, Kyra & Dayán have made it one of their life purposes to translate the teachings they have learned throughout their evolution into children’s books, so the younger generations can benefit early on in their lives from the wisdom of those who have passed before them. Together they founded Feeling Good Books, with the intention to empower, inspire and provide children with tools that will help them navigate through life. They share a desire to contribute to the growth and well-being of each child and parent out there.

Kyra and Dayán live in Montreal, Canada, with their five children.


Most frequent questions and answers

With years of diving into self-developing materials and reaping the benefits from them, we felt compelled to start writing children’s books with the intention of sharing empowering messages we learned over the years and to give children access to this information early on in their lives. 

By reading our books, we hope for readers to become more conscious and mindful of their thoughts and we hope they will want to share this knowledge with their children to help maintain balance and the pure richness of their being.

Our books are unique because we take the concepts from adult self-help books and convert them into children stories, by using easy to understand vocabulary and playful illustrations.

With all the books, online courses, videos, audiobooks and programs we invested in, we never thought it would lead us to write and self-publish three children’s books! We both enjoy writing casually, yet this experience has unleashed a deep desire to write with meaning and purpose for which we wish to pursue and develop for many years to come.     

These stories are based on our own lives. I (Dayán) am a professional Shoemaker. Together, we have experienced the oneness and unity of all things. Furthermore as have many other individuals, we have imagined and created our own life reality from pure imagination.

We are witnessing a shift in consciousness and more and more people are becoming familiar with these concepts of spirituality and self-awakening. We feel that parents are more open, ready to accept and understand these messages and are willing to pass them on to their children.